Available Books

The first book in the series, Presenting Moses the Moose, is about how at a young age Moses' parents were killed off by poachers. He was left to fight through the elements and become strong and wise. Along the way Moses have met many animals who help him protect our beautiful province.

The second book, Moses Saves the Forest.

A fire breaks out near Hungry Hill and it is up to Moses and his friends to make sure they do the right thing! Will they be able to save the forest? Who will help them?

The third book in the series, The Litter Bugs.

We all know keeping the forest clean is everyone's responsibility, and Moses and the gang are doing their part! Watch as Moses comes face to face with "The Litter Bugs". 

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Your Commitment

How it Works:

Each book will deal with an environmental issue. "We Promise to Make a Difference" is about educating and involving our youth in our commitment to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Within the circle you will see Moses's handprint and a space for your child to place their handprint (using non-toxic face/body paint) to show that you join Moses in a "Promise to Make a Difference". 

"We Promise to Make a Difference" will be included in Book Number 2 - "Moses Saves the Forest", and will then continue within the series.