About the Author

In rural Newfoundland, lakes, and ponds, trees, hills and wild animals is your backyard. Blair has created a series of books that reflects how he sees his backyard, and has created some amazing characters and stories to help educate our youth about protecting our land. 


Blair has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community Studies from the University of Cape Breton. It was there that he came up with the idea of Moses the Moose.


He currently lives in Millertown, Newfoundland with his wife Crystal and two Daughters Robyn and Jada, along with their two cats Paris and Nicki.

Blair Osmond

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Millertown is located in Central Newfoundland and is known as the Wildlife Capital of Newfoundland. This makes the area a very popular place for people to come to hunt, fish, camp and tour. Many hunting lodges exists in the surrounding area as well as cabins. Millertown has a population of approximately 70 residents. The town was formed in the early 1900’s as a logging town and logging operations still continue in the area today. Because Millertown was surrounded by timber, in 1947 towers were erected on top of Hungry Hill and Harpoon Hill and were used as look out towers for fire patrol.