Follow Moses and his furry friends in the series! We will announce the arrival of new books as they become avaliable. Get to know his friends below!
Moses the Moose

A very kind and caring creature, who lives on top of Hungry Hill. From there he watches over Newfoundland in search of Environmental Dangers. He is a wise ole moose and all of the animals look up to him as their leader. Together they are working hard to make our province a safer place.

Bradley the Beaver

Is a survival nut and is the leader of the Beaver Scouts. He wears a life jacket with badges showing his rankings. He uses a canoe to travel the waters and paddles around keeping an eye on the lakes and land. Bradley enjoys playing with his harmonica and singing.

Duck Bill

Is a shy but sly little guy, he patrols the smaller streams and brooks. Duck Bill wears a snorkel and water goggles, he is a fast swimmer, and is good at creeping up on those who are a threat to the forest, without anyone knowing he is there.

Brim Bag Bear

Is a big ole black bear who is clumsy as they come, he is strong and powerful, but doesn’t have all his wits about him and he loves peanut butter.

Haylee the Hare

She is an energetic rabbit, who hops on a pogo stick to avoid getting caught in rabbit snares. She is fast and able to cover a lot of ground. She sometimes uses a loudspeaker because she has a soft quiet voice.

Hooty the Owl

She is the eyes of the sky; she soars over the land in search of danger. Hooty carries with her at all times a camera, as she is an avid photographer.

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